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Dream Characters

Who are dream characters?

Dream characters are the entities that one interacts with while dreaming. Dream characters can come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the dream characters i have encountered are usually humanoid in appearance. Occasionally if the dream is bizarre enough, dream characters can be anything from dogs to talking icecreams!! 

Dream characters are an extension of your own thought process. Though dream characters may look foreign at times, they are very local in nature. The way they act, look, speak, and generally interact with the dream environment are just commands and memories that you are putting together and creating for your own experience.

How is this important for lucid dreaming?

Because Dream characters can...
  1. help you become lucid
  2. provide incredible conversation
  3. be controlled telepathically
  4. help you complete a dream quest
  5. be turned into a rocket ship (im just sayin)
  6. be the enemy
  7. be good listeners
  8. conjured/summoned up at any time
If you find yourself in a lucid dream, running from a dream character, stop take a breathe and know that they cant hurt you, that they are apart of your mind, and since they are apart of your mind they are you. There for you are controlling that character to chase you, you are the chaser and the chase at the exact same time.

So what if you want to see someone. The beginners method i used while learning this dream power was, reaching in my pocket to the cellphone that is always there, dialing up that persons/entities number that you will already know, and ask for them. Close your eyes spin once, and usually they are there for me. You can try turning around to make the call, then turning back around to know they are there. Later evolve this technique to closing your eyes and just willing them there. Creativity is key to believing in the dream world.

Next time you see a dream character try explaining to them that they are dream characters, they will already know.

What is a dream character you dream of alot?

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