Hello World!

This is the newest blog to join the BCI:Network . In the future i will discuss what lucid dreaming is, the benifits, and even give a few tips and tricks to accomplish your lucid dreaming goals and meet your human potential.

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  1. Snuggs says:

    Looking forward to the upcoming blogs. Lucid dreaming always seemed interesting. Followed.


  2. Jondel says:

    This is a very cool idea for a blog.

  3. Nice I'll be watching this blog, could never lucid dream for anything no matter how hard I tried

  4. this blog is going to be great!

  5. Das Auto! says:

    I tried to lucid dream last night, but i woke up as soon as i realized i was dreaming :(

  6. It seems hard to make a blog entirely about this; I will have to see how this goes... following.

  7. nice idea and nice blog with ad$en$e

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