Introduction to lucid dreaming.

Introduction to lucid dreaming:
Due to the self similarity property of universal energy, consciousness and perceived reality may wind you up in an existence with your Pulse racing as you feel the enemies moving in on you. Running with all your  might yet going in slow motion...... then you realize, I must be dreaming, I AM DREAMING! WAKE UP! WAKE UP. Awakening to a gasp for air, while the reason for your fear starts to fade and seconds evaporate away, but the thought that sticks the most is the fact you realized you were dreaming.

In the moment of realization that one is dreaming while dreaming, the dream is then referred to a lucid dream. 

Nightmares like the one talked about in the previous paragraph are the most common triggers for a dreamer to achieve a lucid state, with out a conscious effort, and since the effort isn't conscious the lucid dream is usually relatively short and often times goes unrealized. So what if you could become lucid in a beautiful dream, a dream where you are on a beach watching the waves crash on the sand, as colorful song birds sing sonatas somewhere near by. Then you could realize that perhaps you didnt feel like being on the beach anymore and you get in your warp machine that takes you anywhere you know you can go, and because you are in a lucid dream, anything that you can believe is possible, is possible, but a single percent of doubt and its impossible.

Things that you can accomplish in a lucid dream are truly endless. You can discover new things, you can learn deeper meanings about yourself, visit with projections of dead ancestors. Practice talking to that concupiscible member of the opposite sex, or practice giving your class speech to congress of 1776 because you know they were the only fair minded people ever. Meet Jesus and play cards with Zeus in the same hour.

With this blog i intened to help you along in your journey to be the God of your own Universe, a traveler of dimension, a lucid dreamer.

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  1. Chris says:

    Wow, this might be my new favorite blog. I've always had trouble lucid dreaming, and this might help.

  2. Doo says:

    Great idea for a blog, looking forward to the posts!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lucid dreaming is amazing and I will work on it tonight :D

  4. Sweet, consider me a follower...again lol been reading your other blog.

  5. In the few times I realized I was dreaming, my go to was always to be able to use "The Force" to pull/push/and levitate objects

  6. i love using the force, lol thats one of my go to's also

  7. Did it for decades. Had a whole other life in real time. After getting multiple sclerosis, I am not able to do it, nor can I grasp onto my ESP...all very interesting. My brain has been damaged. It is more the boss of me now. (Though I am not giving in so easy.)

  8. NooG says:

    Hey man... digging the new blog... I've always wanted to lucid dream, so here's hoping!

  9. Like your blog now following :)

  10. I support what you do here, and it sure is an intersting read.

    Also, all of my dreams are like that. And I mean all.
    They're not always violent, but one would certainly call them nightmareish.
    Actually, the violent ones are ok. In them, I always know that I'm dreaming and they usually end up with me doing something I couldn't do irl, like flying.
    The non violent ones are bad. Horrid even. The atmosphere there is worse than in any horror movie I've seen. And, what's interesting is that, in those dreams, I don't know I'm dreaming.

    Go figure.

    Anyhow, following and supporting!

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  12. isnt there a machine to induce this>?

  13. Jordan says:

    love lucid dreaming, felt so stupid though today I though my buddy "borrowed" $20 from me in real life, kept asking him when he was going to pay me lmao

  14. hwidman says:

    used to lucid a few years ago, not sure what happened now. Probably because of the increase stress with school and work


  15. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog, I love Lucid Dreaming, it can be used for sooo much! Following definitely!

  16. Interesting, I've read about lucid dreaming before but not with this much info.

  17. Derek says:

    this is some thing I've always been interested in very good, following for more
    check out my blog if you got a chance

  18. Hello~! Lucid dream is awesome. I used to be able to do it when I was under alot of stress due to work and school...Now i just sleep all the way till morning ;p

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  19. tyrone says:

    I have never been in a lucid dream :\ I can barely ever remember any of my dreams it's kinda sad.

  20. Jordan says:

    Interesting!! Followed!

  21. Snuggs says:

    Every time I tried to lucid dream as a kid, I fell asleep.

  22. frameaj1 says:

    Following! have recently had a couple of lucid dreams.

    and recently blogged about LDing also, check it out

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