First steps in lucid dreaming are first.

The first step in lucid dreaming has to be the acceptance that lucid dreaming is possible. If you have ever woke your self up from a dream, or went back into a dream that you previously awoke from, then you have lucid dreamed to some extent.

The second thing you can start doing as much as possible, especially after traveling somewhere, ask yourself how you arrived to your destination. Why would you do this in waking life? Simple answer, so you start doing it in your dream state. Doing this is called reality checking. A reality check is when you do exactly that, check your current state of reality for differences to what you believe to be waking life. Waking life is somewhat concrete, your hands have the same amount of fingers as yesterday unless you chopped one or two off, in a dream you may have 3 fingers on one hand, or 12 fingers on one hand. Also holding your nose in a dream and trying to breathe, in a dream it would be possible, in waking life it shouldn't be lol. Turning lights on and off, (not always true for me, if i consciously try to change a light in a dream it usually works). Now, if i am in a non lucid dream, changing lights that don't change is normally a sign that i'm dreaming.

So i guess what i'm trying to say is. CHECK YO SELF.

Leave a comment below with your reality checking methods!

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  1. Tal Zahn says:

    I have been semi-lucid dreaming about 12 years. I can't always sense I am dreaming, but occasionally when I do, I can contro lthe dream some the way I want to. Unfortunately when i do, I end up waking myself up because I get too excited with it or something.

    To trigger it, I usually try to look at my hand, and then I have some control. Doesn't last long though.

  2. Doo says:

    I usually lucid dream in the morning. i mean it just happens. I can open my eyes and to some extent listen to whats happening around me but then I just close them again and I'm off in the dream :) Love that.

    Sucks that it always happens when I have something in the morning :(

  3. Ada says:

    I've lucid-dreamed before but I never actually figured out why some dreams are lucid and some aren't. I think naps cause lucid dreams more often than regular bedtime.

    It's really fun to fly around and do things though :D

  4. tal zahn thats a good start, the more you try, the better you get

  5. Zoe says:

    I've always wanted to try this, I'll be following and updating you on my progress!

  6. Das Auto! says:

    good tips, i try to do this occasionally but usually fail

  7. oh man i love lucid dreaming. useful blog

  8. DutchAnon says:

    "ask yourself how you arrived to your destination" lol, reminds me of Inception. Following!

  9. A Hermit says:

    Useful info, thank you.

  10. dutchanon, well that movie is based on some kinds of truth, but that technique works really really well for me, i have used it for years now.

  11. Silencer says:

    while i've had multiple accounts of control in my dreams, i still dont know what causes me to wake from realizing control, and other times when i dont force my control and do not wake up. inception covered some aspects of dreaming, but even still its not a "how-to" guide on that level....

    i also believe i can see the future in my dreams...

  12. Derrick O says:

    sick blog and slick design!
    following and supporting

  13. the thing about lucid dreaming is that i never had to learn how to do it. i always knew i was asleep during a dream and could therefore manipulate what was going on, though the basis of the dream is usually fabricated out of events that happened that day. i never have nightmares as a result.

  14. Great, focused blog! Following.

  15. Rondariel says:

    Sounds a bit like Inception, although I guess that movie is based partly on the idea of concious dreaming...
    Interesting. Followed.

  16. Great blog.

    I'm curious about what template you're using. I like the appearance of it. How the dates show up on each post. I dig the formatting.

    ~Showing support to my fellow bloggers.

  17. did this for a bit. Normally im wayy to tired to do it though haha

  18. Like Tahl Zan, often when I try i concentrate too much or get too excited and wake myself up! Some on my insomnia lucids are very, very loud and I feel like I'm having a bad chaotic trip.

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