enhancing lucid dreaming

this is from my friend Scott:

science experiment tonight.  going to test several bags of chamomile tea and see the results.  if im correct, my lucid enhanced induction should last years upon years worth of dreams.  before i considered, i used 2 bags just to drink some smooth tea before sleep.  unexpectedly, it increased my lucid dreams, and i wasnt even trying.  now with my hypothesis and additional variables, it should have some interesting effects.  with 2 bags, dreams seems to last a good weeks worth in real time.  but with additional bags, the potency increases and the lucid dreams can possibly last 1-3 years.  ive already researched the risks, and fortunately there are none.  :)  more to come.

Scott can be reached at drexlincubus@yahoo.com

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Dream Characters

Who are dream characters?

Dream characters are the entities that one interacts with while dreaming. Dream characters can come in all shapes and sizes. Most of the dream characters i have encountered are usually humanoid in appearance. Occasionally if the dream is bizarre enough, dream characters can be anything from dogs to talking icecreams!! 

Dream characters are an extension of your own thought process. Though dream characters may look foreign at times, they are very local in nature. The way they act, look, speak, and generally interact with the dream environment are just commands and memories that you are putting together and creating for your own experience.

How is this important for lucid dreaming?

Because Dream characters can...
  1. help you become lucid
  2. provide incredible conversation
  3. be controlled telepathically
  4. help you complete a dream quest
  5. be turned into a rocket ship (im just sayin)
  6. be the enemy
  7. be good listeners
  8. conjured/summoned up at any time
If you find yourself in a lucid dream, running from a dream character, stop take a breathe and know that they cant hurt you, that they are apart of your mind, and since they are apart of your mind they are you. There for you are controlling that character to chase you, you are the chaser and the chase at the exact same time.

So what if you want to see someone. The beginners method i used while learning this dream power was, reaching in my pocket to the cellphone that is always there, dialing up that persons/entities number that you will already know, and ask for them. Close your eyes spin once, and usually they are there for me. You can try turning around to make the call, then turning back around to know they are there. Later evolve this technique to closing your eyes and just willing them there. Creativity is key to believing in the dream world.

Next time you see a dream character try explaining to them that they are dream characters, they will already know.

What is a dream character you dream of alot?

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The Dream Journal

The Dream Journal:

My previous post talked about doing reality checks. That is a great first start and will get you into your first lucid dream but if you cant remember the dream then the dream was a wasted attempt. The skill you increase is called dream recall. Dream recall is the ability to recall your dreams. Logical right?

Their is only one way that i have found to really improve dream recall, and that is to write your dreams down in a journal. I know your thinking.. "all of them???" yes, the more the merrier. You are probably also thinking, "but i forget my dreams as soon as i wake up, how do i get to my pen and pad quick enough." Well, you could type them down in a phone, or just keep something with in direct reach of your sleeping area.

First thing you can do when you come too consciousness in your bed, is to, BEFORE MOVING, go over all of the dream that you just came from, using the "how did i get here" method. Go over every detail, from sights and sounds, to smells and emotions. Who was there? How did you feel? Then when you feel you have did this a few times, and its imprinted into your short term memory, then proceed to write it down. I normally start remembering more, the more i write, which will lead me into other dreams that i thought i forgotten.

Till next week~!!

For an example of a dream journal you can check out mine, i made it a blog!!
The Dream Journal

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First steps in lucid dreaming are first.

The first step in lucid dreaming has to be the acceptance that lucid dreaming is possible. If you have ever woke your self up from a dream, or went back into a dream that you previously awoke from, then you have lucid dreamed to some extent.

The second thing you can start doing as much as possible, especially after traveling somewhere, ask yourself how you arrived to your destination. Why would you do this in waking life? Simple answer, so you start doing it in your dream state. Doing this is called reality checking. A reality check is when you do exactly that, check your current state of reality for differences to what you believe to be waking life. Waking life is somewhat concrete, your hands have the same amount of fingers as yesterday unless you chopped one or two off, in a dream you may have 3 fingers on one hand, or 12 fingers on one hand. Also holding your nose in a dream and trying to breathe, in a dream it would be possible, in waking life it shouldn't be lol. Turning lights on and off, (not always true for me, if i consciously try to change a light in a dream it usually works). Now, if i am in a non lucid dream, changing lights that don't change is normally a sign that i'm dreaming.

So i guess what i'm trying to say is. CHECK YO SELF.

Leave a comment below with your reality checking methods!

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Introduction to lucid dreaming.

Introduction to lucid dreaming:
Due to the self similarity property of universal energy, consciousness and perceived reality may wind you up in an existence with your Pulse racing as you feel the enemies moving in on you. Running with all your  might yet going in slow motion...... then you realize, I must be dreaming, I AM DREAMING! WAKE UP! WAKE UP. Awakening to a gasp for air, while the reason for your fear starts to fade and seconds evaporate away, but the thought that sticks the most is the fact you realized you were dreaming.

In the moment of realization that one is dreaming while dreaming, the dream is then referred to a lucid dream. 

Nightmares like the one talked about in the previous paragraph are the most common triggers for a dreamer to achieve a lucid state, with out a conscious effort, and since the effort isn't conscious the lucid dream is usually relatively short and often times goes unrealized. So what if you could become lucid in a beautiful dream, a dream where you are on a beach watching the waves crash on the sand, as colorful song birds sing sonatas somewhere near by. Then you could realize that perhaps you didnt feel like being on the beach anymore and you get in your warp machine that takes you anywhere you know you can go, and because you are in a lucid dream, anything that you can believe is possible, is possible, but a single percent of doubt and its impossible.

Things that you can accomplish in a lucid dream are truly endless. You can discover new things, you can learn deeper meanings about yourself, visit with projections of dead ancestors. Practice talking to that concupiscible member of the opposite sex, or practice giving your class speech to congress of 1776 because you know they were the only fair minded people ever. Meet Jesus and play cards with Zeus in the same hour.

With this blog i intened to help you along in your journey to be the God of your own Universe, a traveler of dimension, a lucid dreamer.

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Hello World!

This is the newest blog to join the BCI:Network . In the future i will discuss what lucid dreaming is, the benifits, and even give a few tips and tricks to accomplish your lucid dreaming goals and meet your human potential.

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